Do you like running or cycling or haiking? Do you come to Narita?
Join me when I run, cycle or walk. I can show you Narita and surroundings as you will otherwise never see. It is free, as I am doing it anyway.


Around Narita are some really nice roads. Unfortunately, there is no compilation available. Let's find them together. At the moment, we will only go asphalt routes, as I do not have a bike with robust tires yet. But this will change when the 2016 MTB models are out in Japan.
Example 2h, 45 km tour (Google Maps); Example 7h, 145 km tour (Google Maps) Example 10h, 174 km tour (Google Maps)


How about a little run on Sunday ? A just-for-fun run (no competition run) of 8 to 12 km with a pace of 7-9 min/km for 1 to 1:30 h.

Be prepared for a mixture of asphalt and trail running. And - we might even meet poisonous snakes and centripedes. So, don't run with naked legs. Usually, you will not see such animals but who knows. At least, we don't have bears here.

Example 1 (Google Maps); Example 2 (Google Maps); Example 3 (Google Maps)

New running group: DinJ Trail and Road Runners.


We can also walk if you are not in running. It just takes longer. Good if you want to take many pictures.

Technical details

Meeting point explanation, so we only have to discuss the time.
Place: in front of Sports Authority Narita at Aeon Mall (Google Maps)
Participation is at your own risk.


Interested? Mail me Michael. Don't be afraid to ask for shorter tours.
Or - if you know people who might be interested, tell them about this page.

About me: soon 60, German, long-time Japan resident

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